Used Car Donation

Used Car Donation

There are many people who are giving out used car donation and you have to wonder why they do it. The first reason why they do it is simply because they have no need for an extra car because they either bought a new one or simply have too many cars to begin with.

Used Car Donation: Where To Send Them?

The number one destination of the car donation is in charities. However, before you send your car to charity, there are several things you need to take note of, including the nature of the charity, and whether they need a car for their operations. There are also charities that accept used car donation for profit, while there are those that accept at a non-profit situation.

Used Car Donation: Where To Send Them?

Used Car Donation: Where To Send Them?

If you make a used car donation to a charity, they will usually sell the car at auction to the highest bidder. Sometimes, they use a bidding house for this purpose, but the bidding houses often take a share of the sale of the car.

Typically when you proceed to do a used car donation, there is no need to fix the car or to repair all the broken things in the car. You just have to state the actual condition of the car to determine its value. This is will be greatly appreciated by the organization to which you make a car donation.

Why Send Used Car Donation To Charity?

The used car donation is one of the major sources of income for charities who rely on big donations like this to keep their organization running. A single used car donation can provide the charity months of sustenance in terms of electric bills and payment for its volunteers. They will also use the money from the used car donation for the upkeep of their facility and for buying food and supplies for their staff.

The charities include the orphanages, animal rights groups, animal protection groups, and health awareness groups like AIDS and cancer charities and foundations. You may also send your used car donation to educational foundations that offer scholarships to deserving individuals who have the skills and talents but lack the resources to fund their own education.

If you have an extra car that you are not using at home, consider giving a used car donation. There are countless of charities and foundations that are running out of money to run their operations. However, you still need to check the authenticity and the sincerity of the organization you are trying to help with a used car donation.


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