Car Donation Charity

Car Donation Charity

car donation charity can be a really great option when you need to dispose of a car that has a low value.  Most of us drive our cars until they have little life left, but in reality, your car may still be useful to someone.  It may be that it is not even worth your time to sell the car, so why not give the car donation charity a thought?

Car Donation Charity – Give To Someone Who Is In Need

Even though you may be done with your car, that doesn’t mean it should be destined for the scrap heap.  By making a car donation, you can give your car to a person who has a real need for a car, yet cannot afford to purchase one at today’s prices.  A used yet reliable car can be a vital part of a person in need’s life and by donating your car, you are fulfilling that need.  Think about the people who can benefit – single moms, families struggling to make ends meet, and people who could work at a job, but need a car to get there.

The Tax Benefits Of Car Donation Charity

Car donation tax deduction – a registered charity can provide you with a tax receipt for the value attributed to your vehicle.  You will have to prove that you are the registered owner of the vehicle and then sign the car over, along with a “gift letter” allowing the charity to transfer the registration as they see fit.  You walk away with a tax receipt that allows you to save money on your taxes, and a great feeling of fulfillment that you have just made someone’s life that much better.  Many of us are quick to send an older used car to the wrecking yard, but now you have a much better option by utilizing a car donation charity.

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